Funk-Bossa-Trio + Dancefloor by B•Mundo Discos (Sept 27th)

Luanda Jones Funk-Bossa-Trio live @ The Trane + Dancefloor Electro-Funk-Samba-Jungle by B•Mundo Discos avec le Selector Pedro D-Lita (Direct from Paris)

My band will be playing Brazilian-Jazz-Funk classics by Jorge Benjor, Djavan and Lenine as well as my own new compositions.

Dancefloor by B•Mundo Discos w/ the selector Pedro D- Lita

Songwriter and producer Pedro D-Lita is the founder of the B•Mundo Label and the influential Parisian events “Samba Soul” and “Baile Bom!”. Pedro has participated in numerous festivals througout Brazil and Europe. A native of Rio de Janeiro, Pedro now resides in France where he is completing a masters thesis on the influence of Brazilian music internationally while working as a Selector (DJ) and director of B•Mundo Label, promoting musical movements and trends and creating links between Brazilian musicians and the European music market. He is also musical director of (Web TV) and a music columnist in several magazines and specialist cultural sites.

His style is electro-funk-samba-jungle, always exploring the best of the contemporary Brazilian music.

Listen to some of his selection @

A night to not be missed!


Luanda Jones | Voice and guitar

Ian De Souza | Bass

Trevor Yearwood | Drums


The Trane Studio (Map)

964 Bathurst Street, TO | 647-439-8503

Sept 27th- Tuesday

8:30 pm (2 sets) + Dancefloor by B•Mundo Discos ( w/ Pedro D-Lita)

$ 7- 10

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