Luanda Jones Quartet feat Brownman (May 23)

Luanda Jones Quartet feat Brownman Ali

In a collaboration that’s sure to delight audiences who love jazz and Brazilian music, the award-winning Brownman Electryc Trio joins forces with acclaimed Brazilian vocalist Luanda Jones for a unique & exciting cross-pollination of New York electric-jazz and modern Brazilian style, playing a combination of both Brownman’s and Luanda’s compositions & re-inventions of classics.


Luanda Jones – Voice and guitar (Brazil)
Brownman Ali – flugelhorn (Trinidad)
Ian de Souza – bass and effects (Uganda)
Marito Marques – drums and perc (Portugal)

Brownman and Luanda have collaborated in the past – he appearing as aguest soloist with her regular quartet, her often sitting in with the Electryc Trio. Their unique combination of sounds always prove infectious to audiences. Both are masterful with their respective instruments, both deliver passionate performances as leaders. Having them co-lead an ensemble is recipe for musical wonderment.


May Cafe, 876 Dundas St. West (Map)


9pm, $15 door, $10 advanced list

email [email protected] to get on adv list

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